Exploring the Hudson

Exploring the Hudson focuses on Henry Hudson’s 1609 journey up the Great River and his encounters with the people native to the Hudson River Valley before European settlement.

The Half Moon on the Hudson - lithograph

This program includes:

– A tour of the museum with emphasis on the Henry Hudson exhibit with replica aft cabin of the Half Moon, and information on Native Americans in the Hudson River Valley

– A presentation on 17th and 18th century maps and navigation techniques, using primary source images. After the presentation, students try their hand at using a quadrant, a simple but ancient navigation tool.

– A map-making program where students create their own maps. Please choose one of the following options:

1) Students receive a blank map of the museum yard and explore the yard as they name the blank objects and places. (recommended for 1st-3rd grade)

2) Students receive a blank sheet of paper and coloring supplies to create a map of their neighborhood from memory, including streets and major landmarks. (recommended for 2nd-6th grade)

3) Students divide into chaperoned small groups and explore the immediate neighborhood, taking notes of landmarks and place names, then return and create a map of their travels from notes and memory. (recommended for 5th-12th grade)

To book this tour, please contact Education Director Sarah Wassberg at swassberg (at) hrmm.org or call 845-338-0071 ext. 16