School Field Trips

Make Waves With Your Field Trip!
Bring your class on a field trip to The Hudson River Maritime Museum, located in the historic Rondout Waterfront district of Kingston, NY and directly adjacent to Rondout Creek.

KCS 2ndGrade and Museum Courtyard 006

HRMM offers educational programming for all ages.

This year, we are offering five new themed field trips.

Standard Tour - Learn about the general history of the Hudson River, with fun maritime-related activities.

Exploring Along the Hudson - Focusing on Henry Hudson, his travels up the Hudson, and the native people he encounters.

The Hudson and the Revolution - Focusing on the Revolutionary War in the Hudson River Valley.

Transporting the Hudson Valley - Focusing on transportation in the Hudson River Valley, from sail to steam and beyond.

The Clean, Green Hudson - Focusing on the ecology of the Hudson, pollution, and the changing natural landscape of the river.


Trips may be scheduled for weekdays during the season, May through October. The museum is open for field trips from 9 am to 4 pm. We can accommodate up to three classes of 30 students per day (want to bring a larger group? Just ask).

Programs last between 2 and 3 hours, not including time for lunch. Each tour or activity lasts 45-60 minutes each. So a themed program with three activities will last approximately 3 hours. You may pick and choose which activities you want to do (so if you’d prefer only 2 activities, that’s fine).

To register your trip please call Education Director Sarah Wassberg at 845-338-0071 ext. 16 or e-mail When you register, please indicate whether you would like to receive your invoice and other trip-related materials as printed copies via the mail or as PDFs via e-mail. Some materials are also downloadable under “For Educators.”

Spring availability fills up fast, so please call at minimum two weeks in advance of your trip. Book early to ensure your preferred date.


The price per person for all programs is $6. That includes up to three activities. All students attending on the same day must do the same activities, for scheduling purposes.

One adult per 10 students receives free admission. One-on-one aides, school nurses, and teaching assistants always receive free admission.

A $50 deposit is required to hold your date and is due upon receipt of your invoice. This deposit will be subtracted from your total cost. The remainder of your payment is due the day of your visit. Please arrange to have one check, cash or credit/debit card payment per group. HRMM accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

HRMM programs take place rain or shine. Trips may be cancelled up to two weeks before the scheduled date with no penalty. Trips cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice or with no notice will forfeit the deposit. Trips may be rescheduled up to one week before the original date of visit with no penalty. Cancellations due to extreme weather with NOAA-issued no travel warnings are exempted from penalty.

Need Funding?
If your school budget is tight, here are a few resources to help fund your trip to HRMM:

Target Foundation Field Trip Grants: Applications are posted August 1st and close in September for spring funding.

Teaching the Hudson Valley Explore Awards: Applications are available now online. At least one teacher per grade attending must attend the THV Institute in mid-July.

The Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley Field Trip Grants: This field trip grant is limited to public schools in Dutchess and Ulster Counties and grants are awarded on a rolling, monthly basis.

Need help with your grant application? Just ask! Call 845-338-0071 ext. 16 or e-mail for assistance.

Did you know HRMM is located along a city bus route? If you are a public school in the Kingston City School district you may be able to get free transportation to the museum via the city bus service. The Kingston Board of Education also supports walking school field trips.

Additional funding may be available for bus and/or admissions costs. E-mail for information. Funding is available on a case-by-case basis.

Want to know more?

Check out our For Educators page, which offers links to information on history (including films and primary sources), pre- and post-visit activity suggestions, info on museum etiquette, and more.

Outreach Programs

HRMM education staff are working to develop hands-on, brains-on outreach programs for classes of all ages. These programs strive to meet the new Common Core Standards for skill-based learning. For more information, call 834-338-0071 ext. 16 or e-mail