Transporting the Hudson Valley

Transporting the Hudson Valley is a program that discusses industrial shipping in the Hudson Valley, including tugboats, barges and canals, steamboats, passenger steamers, and more.

island dock

This program includes:

  • A guided tour of the museum, focusing on the Hudson River Day Line, D&H Canal, and Hudson River tugboats, including the Cornell Steamboat Company.
  • A hands-on game with our newly revamped steamboat playground behind the museum, including steering, loading and unloading goods, and operating the walking beam steam “engine” in order to reach a destination.
  • A guided tour of the deck and interior of the restored historic tugboat Pilot, which will be at the museum’s docks for the season.

To book this tour, please contact Education Director Sarah Wassberg at or call 845-338-0071 ext. 16.