A series of capital projects, known collectively as Riverport, seek to improve the facilities along the historic Rondout waterfront located in downtown Kingston.

Riverport is a bold vision emanating from the passion and determination of a group of individuals, including HRMM’s previous Executive Director, Russ Lange and the Museum’s board. It blends, and links, the Hudson River Maritime Museum’s incomparable archives and artifacts with the best river footage and deepwater port in the Hudson Valley.

This vision results in a revitalized central hub to both river organizations, such as Clearwater, Riverkeeper, DEC, Greenway, and to people from Albany to New York City.

The 1898 steam tug Mathilda would be readied to serve as an innovative and educational display on steam; a multi-use, shared boat shed and education center would be erected in the museum’s courtyard; the museum’s galleries would be climatized for year-round visitation; the museum’s roof would be transformed into a sustainable green oasis; the secure bulkheads would continue to be accessible to myriad boaters and vessels – historic and teaching vessels, cruise ships, the Coast Guard, Sea Scouts, sailing yachts and rowing crew teams.

Thus Kingston’s Riverport becomes a place where people gather to learn about, and from, the past of this waterfront as well as to re-envision its sustainable future. Riverport will continue intertwining layers of diverse yet integrated cultures – symbiotically unifying history with present-day life along the majestic Hudson River.